Slack Alice- Live In Toronto 1969

One of the most innovative artists in the history of Rock ‘N’ Roll, Alice Cooper has not only been to hell and back several times, he has taken us with him. And we all enjoyed it!

This live album captures Alice at the start of his career, and demonstrates a more bluesey/ rock ’n’ roll influence than his later hard hitting rock releases.

Recorded in 1969 at the Rock ‘n’ Revival Show at the University Of Toronto’s Varsity Stadium alongside John Lennon & The Plastic Ono Band, The Doors, Jerry Lee Lewis, Fats Domino. Chuck Berry and Gene Vincent.

Alice is still very active today and fills stadia everywhere he goes.

            Track listing

  1.      Ain’t That Just Like A Woman.

  1. Painting A Picture
  2. An Instrumental
  3. I’ve Written Home To Mother
  4. Freak Out Song
  5. Going To The River
  6. Nobody Likes Me
  7. Science Fiction

Flashbacks! Live 1995-98

The first live album since their highly acclaimed 1993 Altered States Of America album this collection heralds the welcome return of one of the most innovative bands around in their rawest form-LIVE!

They don’t just perform live –they make it a living experience for themselves as well as for the audience.

Their unique brand of “comic book industrial Goth” is presented at it’s best starting with tracks from their performance at the 1995 Zillo festival in Germany in front of 10,000 fans and going through to their 1998 Halloween Tour of the USA. This collection has everything you ever need to know about the band and includes great blasts from the past as well as some of their visions of the future.

Flashbacks is an inspiring collection of some of the band’s best-known tracks mixed with fan based favourites. All of this from a band that has inspired the likes of Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson, a great introduction to the meaning of live music and we do mean LIVE!

The album comes with exclusive photos from the band as well as sleeve notes and artwork by Nick Fiend himself.

Track listing

  1.      Hurricane Fighter Plane

  1. I Walk The Line
  2. EST (Trip To The Moon)
  3. On A Mission
  4. In And Out Of My Mind
  5. Get Into It
  6. Feelin’ Zombified
  7. Garbage


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The Pack – Dead Ronin

Formed in 1978 in Clapham South London by Kirk Brandon, John Fuller and Rab Fae Beith, the Pack were a mix of Punk Anarchist, Anti-Thatcherite urban angst with a social conscience

The songs were described by lead singer Brandon as “ simplistic, Aggressive, confused, funny and silly-like myself at the time”. Brandon himself went on to further glory with Theatre Of Hate and Spear Of Destiny.

The package includes sleevenotes by Lead singer Kirk Brandon and rare photographs of the band and comes with 2 video enhanced tracks

Track Listing:

  1. Brave New Soldiers
  2. King of Kings
  3. Legion
  4. Abattoir
  5. Heathen
  6. Vauxhall Savage
  7. No. 12
  8. Machineworld
  9. St Teresa
  10. Thalidomide
  11. Heathen (version)
  12. King of Kings (version)

Bonus Video Enhances Tracks

  1. Tyburn (Live)
  2. King of Kings (Live)

The Jerico

Alive & Exposed was recorded live at the Clapham Grand Theatre on 27 June 1992.

Then Jerico is: Mark Shaw (vocals), Paul Harvey (guitar), Chris Childs (bass), John Telford (drums), Lino Robinson (keyboards) and Gordon Moir (electric & acoustic guitars).

Mark placed an advert in Melody Maker in 1982 for a band. After auditioning all 35 applicants playing their chosen instrument at the same time he chose the loudest from the bunch!

The CD includes two live video clips from the concert as well as a photo gallery and web-link and the exclusive track ‘Love So Bright’. Look out for Mark Shaw who is currently touring in your neighbourhood.

  1. I Don’t Mind

  2. Love So Bright

  3. The Motive

  4. Crazy

  5. Muscle Deep

  6. Happy Families

  7. Step Into The Light

  8. Streetlights

  9. Sugarbox

  10. The One That Got Away

  11. Big Area

  12. Under your Spell

Rockabilly Part 4

The fourth volume of Rockabilly rarities continues with this, the next installment of 32 rare and often previously unreleased tracks.

The artists represented here continue to lovingly preserve the music that they made. Described by Radio and T.V. personality and Rockabilly devotee Mark Lamar as “The best albums that I have heard” and as “The best Rockabilly Albums on the market”

Once again many of the tracks are extremely rare and are available for the first time on CD, complete with an 8 page booklet & extensive sleeve notes, this series is building into a history of rockabilly that’s second to none.

“An Excellent series…top-notch sleevenotes and an excellent sound.” RECORD COLLECTOR

                  Track listing:
  1. He’s A Square – THE BELVEDERES
  3. Backfired – LEROY WILKERSON
  4. Didn’t It Rock – JIM & ROD THE NOBLE BROTHERS
  6. Satellite Rock – THE REBELAIRES & SAMMY SMITH
  7. Steady With Betty – BENNY JOY
  8. Trapped Love – KEITH COURVALE
  9. Gonna Rock And‘N’ Roll Tonight-CARL MANN & THE KOOL KATS
  10. Knocked Out Joint On Mars-BUCK TRAIL
  11. Rockin’ Satellite – RAY SAWYER
  12. Hula Hoop Boogie-J.D. ORR & LONESOME VALLEY BOYS
  13. Gone, Gone, Gone – DON WADE
  14. There Ain’t Nothin’ True About You – BOBBY NELSON
  16. Please Have Mercy-JIMMY DANE & GREAT DANES
  18. That Crazy Little House On The Hill – GENE LAMARR AND HIS BLUE FLAMES
  19. Baggie Maggie – HENRY HENRY
  20. If You Want My Love – BOBBY LAWSON
  21. Little More Lovin’- CHUCK COMER
  24. Everybody’s Rockin’ – BILLY PRAGER
  27. Rock And Roll Fever – GRAHAM B.
  29. Left Behind – LAVERNE STOVALL
  30. The Raging Sea – GENE MALTAIS & GIBSON BAND
  31. Milk Shake Mademoiselle-DON PHILLIPS/BILL DORTON
  32. Dirty Ernie – MERLE KILGORE

Woman Is The Root Of All Evil

Dr John The Night Tripper or simply Dr John is one of the most prolific artists of our time with over 1000 published songs to his name ( Whichever name he happens to be using at the time). This collection exemplifies his work with a basis of his musical roots-New Orleans.

The Album contains a cover version of Tipitina, which was a single for his mentor and formative influence, “Professor Longhair” as well as many great tunes demonstrating Dr John’s unquestionable ability as a major musical talent.

This Album is an ideal introduction to the music of a legend as well as a must have for fans and collectors alike, with extensive sleeve notes by Michael Heatley and top quality packaging.


  1. crawfish soiree (bring your own)
  2. tipitina
  3. in the night
  4. woman is the root of all evil
  5. the time had come
  6. shoo raa
  7. zu zu man
  8. baldhead
  9. mean cheatin’ woman
  10. make your own bed well
  11. a little closer to my home
  12. della (part II)

Chris Spedding – Gesundheit

Recorded in Bremen, Germany in 1991, this fantastic live album captures Chris Spedding (guitar and vocals) accompanied on stage with Keith Lentin (bass) and Bench Spinetti (drums).

  1. Wild Wild Women

  2. Rip It Up

  3. Hey, Miss Betty

  4. Mary Lou

  5. Shakin’ All Over

  6. Love’s Made a Fool of You

  7. Catch That Train

  8. Summertime Blues

  9. Guitar Jamboree

  10. Motorbikin’

  11. Hurt By Love

  12. Baby What You Want Me To Do?

Teen Town Volume 3

  1. My Wish Is You – Ray Ruff

  2. Woe Is Me – Bobby Lee Trammell

  3. How Will It End – Barry Darvell

  4. The Sock – The Valentines

  5. Waitin’ – David Box

  6. I’ll Stop Crying – Bill Quad

  7. Cream Puff – Jimmy Boyd

  8. Lovin’ At Night – Sammy Salvo

  9. Loneliness Of A Star – Ral Donner

  10. Golden Records – Judy Thomas

  11. I Need Someone – Myron Lee

  12. Betty My Angel – Jerry Fuller

  13. Don Diddly – Bobby Rio

  14. Cry Baby – Eddie Reeves

  15. Everybody’s Angel – Dorsey Burnette

  16. I’m Telling You – Eden Kane

  17. Lonely Drummer Boy – Peter Mason

  18. The Pain Is Here – Dick Lory

  19. Marsha – Cliff Rivers

  20. Where’s The Girl For Me – Pete Shrayder

  21. That Someone Should Be Me – Johnny Rivers

  22. Doowattie – Threeteens

  23. I Know Why Dreamers Cry – The Brothers Kennedy

  24. Just Say No – Harrison J. Freese, jr

  25. Where Does A Rock & Roll Singer Go – Artie Wayne

  26. Tum-Ba-Lov – Linda Powers

  27. Blue Teardrops – Jimmy LeFevre

  28. Chesapeake Girl – Jimmy Walton

  29. Billy Billy Went A-Walking – The Beau-Marks

  30. Hang It Up – Joy Dawn

Sex Pistols 2.0

Recorded live at the’76 club, Burton on Trent, 24 September 1976. The line up consisted of Johnny Rotten (Vocals), Steve Jones (Guitar/Drums), Glen Matlock (Bass/Vocals) and Paul Cook (Drums).

The second disc is the last ever interview of the band recorded at an America Radio Station (‘The Winterland Show’) just before the group split in the autumn of 1978

The sleeve notes have been written by Alan Parker, who has written many books on the band, together with rare and unseen photos.

A review from ‘The Filth And The Fury’ December 1999 (issue 11)

I said back in F & F 6 that I wasn’t going to review any Burton on Trent CD’s ever again, and I meant it. However, at long ****ing last the whole gig has finally been released on official CD! For over 20 years we’ve had countless versions of this gig on vinyl and CD, sometimes officially, mostly not. Why it’s never come out in its entirety I’ll never know. It always seemed to be missing one track or another, or the tracks were re-titled and put in a different order, In short, it was a rip off, aimed at fans who didn’t always know better. For once this release is anything but a rip off, as well as getting the whole Burton 24.9.76 gig, even including the false starts to ‘Problem’, you also get a free bonus disc featuring out-takes from the Radio KSAN interviews which the band did before the Winterland gig. Of course parts of these interviews turned up on ‘Some Product’, but most of these out-takes don’t. It’s similar to the interview parts on the ‘Never Mind The Filthy Lucre’ CD, in fact, very similar!

The packaging is pretty good too, featuring sleeve notes by a F & F regular (I wonder who!), along with rare(ish) ’76 pics of the band… I was so bored with the Burton gig, that it had been ages since I listened to it properly, and I’d actually forgotten what a good gig it is, with ‘Anarchy’ being particularly strong. I think having the set run in the right order without gaps really helps it too… Almafame had originally intended to just release the incomplete gig, but all it took to get the whole gig released was to tell them it had never been released in full (except for on the rare Jap bootleg CD ‘Truly Indecent Exposure’), and that the fans were sick to the back teeth of it! I can’t help thinking that if someone had told Receiver that years ago, we could have been saved a lot of money and hassle! The CD is available as both a limited edition double CD of 5,000, and as a normal one set, and either way it’s certainly worth getting. If you’re a fan (for once) I can definitely recommend buying a Burton CD! In fact, I recommend taking all your old Burton records and CD’s down to your local second hand record shop, getting the money for them and putting it towards this, because as far as I’m concerned this should be the end of it, it never needs to be released ever again…

Disc 1

  1. Anarchy In The UK
  2. I Wanna Be Me
  3. Seventeen
  4. New York
  5. No Lip
  6. Steppin’ Stone
  7. Satellite
  8. Submission
  9. Liar
  10. Substitute
  11. No Feelings
  12. No Fun
  13. Pretty Vac*nt
  14. [PA Trouble]
  15. Problems

Disc 2

The last ever interview… recorded the morning of the Winterland Show