How to understand he is in love with you

Women have always faced the eternal dilemma when they want to know whether the man in her life is really in love with her or not. These men could be looking for a quick fling with an escort for example, or they could want a full relationship, however you must identify it. Though there is no concrete way to ascertain the fact whether he is in loves you or not but you can surely by look for the following signs to understand things better:


  • The way he treats you: To him, you are the foremost priority. He will always prefer spending his time with you. Even if he is busy, he will let you know when he will be free so that you can hang out together. He will always find a way to be with you.
  • The way he looks at you: He will look at you not with a feeling of lust or immense desire but with a sense of awe and admiration. He needs to be looking at you like you are the hottest girl in the world, the way men would admire an escort model. His gaze will always linger on you and you will get a feeling that he cannot stop staring at you.
  • He is very observant of you: He makes an effort to understand you by observing you. He wants to understand your psyche, watches you when you interact with people, pays attention to how to express yourself. Not only he loves you as a person, but he loves the things which involve you. He remembers the smallest details about you, praises you whenever you have accomplished something and accepts your entire being which involves both the good as well as the bad traits.
  • He wants to see you happy: When there is real love, the happiness of your partner always determines your happiness as well. If your partner is always concerned about your happiness and strives to make you happy, then he is definitely in love with you. He will make attempts, crack jokes or take you out to make you happy if you are depressed.

Young couple cuddling, laughing, playing

  • He will always be by your side: Being is a relationship and enjoying every bit of it is very easy. But you can only be sure that your boyfriend is in love with you when he is there by your side during your bad days as much as he was beside you in your good days. This is why most men are not looking for a quick thing, they want a lasting relationship. A lot of women have listed their greatest qualities in a man at: – If you are in some trouble and he immediately shows up and helps you, it is surely the sign of true love.
  • He wants to be a part of your life: He is really eager to be an integral part of your life and wants to meet your parents as well as friends. He wants to know all about your interests as well as hobbies so that he can include them in his life and be compatible with you. He introduces you to his friends and makes sure that they like you. Most importantly, he speaks of the future clearly, not in a vague manner. He has his future plans sorted out and you are definitely a part of it.

So, lady, if you can spot the above signs in your man, worry not, he is in love with you!

For those who want to begin a new relationship…

Are you beginning a relationship with someone? We wish you good luck with it. We will also give you a few tips regarding what to do and what not to do at this nascent stage of your relationship:

  • First of all, do spend a lot of time together. This will help you to understand each other well and prevent misunderstandings in the future. This is the mistake I made when dating I was dating my first girlfriend. Whenever you get free time, try to spend it with your partner. It will also allow you to identify the problems in your relationship and work on them. Once you have reached a stable position with respect to your relation, you can start diving your time among your lover, friends and family in a ratio that suits you.


  • Do not expect much in the very beginning. Move with the flow. And things will happen in the most natural way! If you start demanding things or expecting changes in your lover’s behavior during the early days of your relationship, you may end up losing him or her, for this reason I am always cautious in spending it with escorts to practice!  So, be careful!
  • Do not talk about an “ex”. No matter whether it is the ex-man of your life or the ex-woman or his life, he or she should never be the topic of your discussion. This may create misunderstandings or give rise to undesirable complications.
  • Try to understand how the other person is feeling or what he or she expects from the relationship. Also, while planning on how to take your relation to the next level, (say for example, meeting each other’s parents), take the consent from the other person.
  • Do not try to build sexual intimacy before getting emotionally intimate with each other.

So, that’s all! Keep these Do’s and Dont’s in mind and give a powerful start to your